ECCO Launches New Cool Pro Golf Shoes
©ECCO Golf

The brand spanking new ECCO Cool Pro golf shoes are here, as ECCO GOLF has recently unveiled their latest creation which combines a number of the company's latest and greatest technologies (hence the Pro particle) in an interesting melange of function and form. The thing about the ECCO Cool Pro golf shoes is that they make for a combo of the company's proprietary Spyder grip outsole technology, which already saw action in the ECCO Cage Pro, a performance focused technology proven in battle so to speak, with the famous Gore-Tex surround technology, which was also found previously in the ECCO Cool golf shoes. Basically, the ECCO Cool Pro are engineered to be “the best of both worlds”, being designed for amazing grip via their organically structured Spyder grip outsole technology, and boasting the Gore-Tex membrane upper, which provides excellent breathability, yet without affecting the shoe's waterproof protection.

The combination of these two state of the art technologies in the ECCO Cool Pro makes for a high-end golf shoe which excels in terms of stability, breathability, comfort and protection, ending up in a product which is aimed at setting the standard for the golf industry, or at least that's what Michael Waack, the head of Global Golf at ECCO, has said about their latest product. The ECCO Cool Pro golf shoes are available in 2 upper variations, and they're built with ECCO's patented FLUIDFORM™ technology TPU-made midsole grid, a high performance/perforated ECCO Dritton leather upper, for amazing breathability and durability, and 100 percent waterproof protection, courtesy of GORE-TEX ®.