Cobra Golf Makes History With The Company’s First-Ever All Hollow Iron Hybrid Set

We have good news in 2020, as Cobra Golf recently launched its first-ever all hollow iron hybrid set. So, what's new for 2020, you asked? Enter the Cobra Golf T-Rail super game improvement iron, with T-Rail standing for Transitional Rail. The new T-Rail irons combine a hybrid/hollow shape with an iron topline/face, as well as an iron/hybrid design to deliver golfers the perfect combo of forgiveness, distance, and accuracy. Here's Cobra Golf Vice President of Research and Development Tom Olsavsky:

“T-RAIL irons make it easy for beginners and golfers who have lost some distance and control to gain the confidence needed to play better and have more fun Players who need max forgiveness and are looking for more distance will be amazed at how far and straight they hit these, even being able to get them airborne from tough lies.”

Cobra Golf Makes History With The Company’s First-Ever All Hollow Iron Hybrid Set

Let's begin with the price: $899 MSRP with Cobra Ultralite graphite shafts and Lamkin REL midsize grips, available since November 1. According to Cobra Golf, the hollow body construction was chosen for creating a deeper and lower center of gravity compared to traditional cavity-back iron designs. Another big advantage of lowering the center of gravity is that it helps players to lift the ball in the air faster and easier. If you add into the mix the Baffle Rails technology, which is available in all the new irons, you'll end up with amazing stability and increased speed out of every lie, due to better turf interaction.

The forged steel face uses a high strength steel variety and it's designed to incorporate Cobra Golf's E9 technology, which comes with a thin pocket from heel to toe for delivering maximum ball speed plus increased forgiveness, especially when it comes to off-center hits. It's well known that golf pros and skilled amateurs manage to generate all the spin and power they need, but when it comes to, let's say, recreational golfers, these people tend to struggle to achieve enough ball speed so they keep their shots up in the air. And yes, the latter category is the target of Cobra Golf's T-Rail Hybrid Iron set, which combines the forgiveness and the distance associated with hybrids in a hollow-bodied club set. The hollow construction of the T-Rail set allows the faces to flex more efficiently at ball impact, and thus to generate more ball speed with every shot.

Cobra Golf Makes History With The Company’s First-Ever All Hollow Iron Hybrid Set

Another benefit of the hollow-body design was that it allowed Cobra designers to lower the CG and shift it farther back, away from the hitting areas, in order to promote more spin and a higher launch angle, hence the “super game improvement irons” moniker. The rails that are noticeable on the sole of the irons are pretty similar to ones you can find in the Baffler hybrids, and just like the latter, they work by promoting better turf interaction, which is a big improvement for higher handicap players and golfers with slow swings.


The Men’s T-RAIL
• Graphite 7-piece Combo Set . A 5-hybrid and 6-SW irons in RH or LH options. LH are available in Steel Regular only. A 4, 5 and/or 6-hybrid are also available through custom for the ultimate combo set with T-RAIL performance.
• Shafts: COBRA ULTRALITE 50g graphite shafts (Reg, Lite) or COBRA FST ULTRALIGHT Steel shafts (Regular)
• Grips: COBRA Lamkin REL midsize
• Colour: Black/Blue

The Women’s T-RAIL
• Graphite Combo Set: Comes with a 5-hybrid and 6-PW, SW irons
• Shafts: COBRA ULTRALITE 50g graphite (Ladies flex) shafts and
• Grips: COBRA Lamkin REL grips in midsize.
• Colour: Black/Lilac