XR 16 Driver

    As popular as the XR Series has been for Callaway, they have made a monumental redesign with this years’ XR 16. It has to do with the shape and position of the Speed Step Crown. Callaway engineers had a parlay with the aerodynamic engineers at Boeing, and out of that discussion Callaway decided to redesign the XR model in an attempt to reshape the air flow over the crown of the driver. Boeing has used dots along the leading edge of the wings on their airplanes to direct the air flow more effectively and make their planes more fuel efficient. Callaway modified their Speed Step Crown to accomplish the same thing in regards to air flow efficiency. The difference being Callaway wanted to have this air flow hug the crown longer before dispersing, which is mostly opposite to what the Boeing gurus wanted. Apparently both groups gained some insight from the other and furthered their cause. My guess is that other manufacturers will be following Callaway’s lead in the days to come.

    Callaway also has redistributed weight and moved the CG (Center of Gravity) lower and farther back in the club head. The head is not only more aerodynamic, but it is also significantly lighter than other drivers. The CG height is also lower which helps raise the launch angle. Faster swing speed, higher launch angle, lower spin and reshaped aerodynamics means more distance and more club head stability.


    Mode Lof Availability Shaft length Swing weight
    9 degree (Adjustable 8-11 degrees) RH/LH 45.75 inches D3
    10.5 degree (Adjustable 9.5-12.5 degrees) RH/LH 45.75 inches D3
    13.5 degree (Adjustable 12.5-15.5 degrees) RH/LH Custom only 45.75 inches D3
    Callaway XR Series-Driver/Fairway wood/Hybrid
    © Callaway Golf

    The Callaway Optifit adjustable hosel enables adjustment 1 degree down or 2 degrees up with each loft. In addition, there is a draw setting that will close the face slightly.

    The stock shaft is a Fujikura Speeder Evolution 565 Red Graphite. Many up-shafts are available at no charge. Your golf retailer will be able to find out this info for you when you are fitted for this driver. The XR-16 is also available in a ladies version. Check the website for ladies specs.

    XR 16 Fairway wood

    Dating back to the original Big Bertha fairway woods with the Warbird sole, Callaway has been tremendously successful in building a club that is both easy to hit and outperforms its’ competitors. That doesn’t happen by accident. Callaway spends a lot of money in R&D to stay at the forefront of golf technology. The XR 16 fairway woods are another example of just that. Callaways’ Face Cup continues to be one of the reasons their fairway woods perform the way they do. It helps to combine; distance, forgiveness and workability making it a club of choice for a wide range of players.

    The XR 16 feels a lot like the Warbird of the past. Not too sure what is the purpose of the fins on the side of the club other than aesthetics. The Callaway “R Moto” face ribs are a bit longer for strength and stability. This has also moved the CG (Center of Gravity) lower and farther back which makes it easier to get in the air and improves forgiveness.

    Not only is the head shape classic Callaway, the crisp sound is reminiscent of Callaway fairway woods of years’ past. When you hit it on the screws, everyone knows. The matte black finish with the Callaway logo as an alignment aid is sharp to look at.

    The XR 16 is available in lofts starting at the 3+ with a 14° loft all the way up to the 25° 11 wood. The stock shaft is a red Fujikura Speeder Evolution 565 fairway shaft. It is available in the XR 16 Pro and a ladies version. Check the website for ladies specs.

    To summarize, the XR 16 is bigger and is more forgiving. It is longer and easy to play from even tough lies. It is, to put it simply, a great all around fairway wood.

    XR 16 Hybrid

    The XR 16 is the most forgiving hybrid ever made by Callaway. By redistributing weight, the CG (Center of Gravity) has been lowered making it very easy to hit high majestic looking shots with this club. In addition, the Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup improvements increases ball speed from heel to toe. You will get more distance and undeserved forgiveness at every impact location.

    Our re-engineered Internal Standing Wave is the ultimate team player. Working in conjunction with the Speed Face Cup, the Internal Standing Wave sits just behind the face of the club without actually ever touching the face. It helps increase ball speed, and counter balances mishits.

    A bit of reshaping of the head sees the toe a little higher which also helps it be more forgiving. The club is not quite as offset as previous Callaway hybrids. The taller face utilizes VFT (Variable Face Technology) to maximize performance across the face. The club is a bit on the light side, so make sure and choose the right shaft when getting fitted. This hybrid is a generous size; however, if you want something a bit larger, the XR OS utilizes all the same technology yet has an oversized head. Better ball strikers may even opt for the XR Pro.


    Mode Loft Availability Shaft length Swing weight
    3H 19 degrees RH/LH 40.50 inches D1
    4H 22 degrees RH/LH 39.75 inches D1
    5H 25 degrees RH/LH 39.00 inches D1
    6H 28 degrees RH 38.25 inches D1

    The stock shaft is a Project X SD Graphite-available in; light, regular and stiff. The XR hybrid is available in ladies. Check the website for ladies specs.