Callaway Launches Rogue Pro Black Irons
©Callaway Golf

It's a trend in the golf-world nowadays to switch back to classic gear, and the same goes for all-black clubs. An increasing number of players seem to have rediscovered the pleasure of owning “all black” golf equipment, hence the great news about the incoming Callaway Rogue Pro black irons, which are set to hit the shelves starting from June 8th via custom order. In terms of tech specs, the Callaway Rogue Pro black irons are quasi identical to the regular/original Rogue Pro lineup, which were revealed earlier this year, back in January of 2018. The difference between the vanilla Callaway Rogue Pro gear and the Rogue Pro all-black edition is that the latter arrives with a limited edition black True Temper XP 105 shafts and Lamkin Z5 Grips (also black, obviously). Callaway's Rogue Pro irons are built by joining 2 pieces, the body and a cup face, with the hitting area of the latter being very thin.

Callaway attached the extremely thin cup face to the club's body right behind the seam, in the exact same place the topline and the leading edge curl back. In this way, the Callaway's Research and Development engineers managed to broaden the Rogue Pro's sweet-spot and also improved the irons by creating a more flexible face at ball impact. The end result of these innovations is a club which helps golf players to center hit distance via a wider portion of the face, thus dramatically reducing miss hits. Worst case scenario, playing the Callaway Rogue irons will result in miss hits that fly almost as far as swetspot-struck shots. Another technological breakthrough in the Rogue Pro irons is the empty chamber located between the chassis and the cup face, that was filled with urethane microspheres, in order to reduce/absorb vibrations, yet without restricting the face from flexing. The new Callaway Rogue Pro Black irons will hit the shelves on June 8th and they'll be available 4-iron through attack wedge for $1,099 and 5-iron through pitching wedge for $825 (MSRP prices).