Callaway Launches New XR Speed Driver and Fairway Wood
©Callaway Golf

Callaway recently introduced their latest XR Speed Driver and Fairway Wood, which are described by the company to be their most forgiving and longest clubs ever built in their XR lineup. The new-gen XR driver/fairway wood combines the company’s latest technological achievements and everything Callaway knows in terms of face technology and aerodynamics, to make for the longest and most forgiving XR clubs yet. The latest Callaway XR Speed driver boasts a state of the art Carbon Composite Crown, which enables a lower center of gravity for more forgiveness than ever, together with the latest-generation variable face thickness, which is designed and engineered to deliver increased distance compared to the previous gen, the XR 16 respectively. This revolutionary technology is called X Face VFT (variable face thickness) and it makes for the very latest improvement of Callaway’s VFT, which is designed to increase ball speeds all across the face. The new X Face VFT makes for the most flexible, lightest and hottest face ever designed by Callaway.

To increase the moment of inertia, the new XR Speed Driver boasts a Carbon Composite Crown, another proprietary technology of Callaway, and it makes it 45 percent lighter compared to the XR 16 driver, which had a titanium-made crown. The addition of carbon in the XR Speed driver lowers the CG and dramatically improves the mass properties, thus contributing both to increasing distance and improving forgiveness. The Speed Step technology delivers a faster head speed via refined aerodynamic efficiency, which results in an improved airflow. The XR Speed Fairway is all about distance, as usual, and it benefits from Callaway’s latest (reengineered/redesigned) Hyper Speed Face Cup, compared to the previous-gen XR fairways. The new XR Speed fairway is now capable of turning the impact energy into increased ball speed all across the face more efficiently than ever. The refined Speed Step technology is also found in the XR Speed fairwood, and it’s aimed at promoting faster swing speeds without requiring additional effort. Another key feature of the XR Speed fairway is forgiveness, which makes it the ideal choice for golfers at all skill levels. The latest-gen forged Face Cup was redesigned to promote maximum distance by optimizing ball speeds across the whole face, while the shallow face design of the XR Speed fairway wood makes it extremely easy to launch. If you want to give them a try, the new Callaway XR Speed driver and fairway wood are available, as they were officially launched on May 8th.