Callaway Launches Jaws MD5 wedges

The Jaws MD5 wedges are Callaway's new gear for 2020, and even if they were released a couple of months ago, i.e. they're already available for purchase at all major US retailers, they kind of went under our radar, so here's the deal: these wedges boast more bite than any Callaway edge before (or after, just kidding), and they're totally redesigned from the ground up so to speak, in order to deliver unmatched performance from any angle, on all shots.

In all seriousness, the Jaws MD5 wedges are being sold by Callaway as boasting the most aggressive grooves in golf, and that's pretty interesting, to say the least. It's been almost a decade since Callaway used the name Jaws in its paraphernalia, or more precisely, in their wedge lineup, but now is the time to celebrate Jaws again, with the brand spanking new Mack Daddy 5 (MD5) Jaws and their awesome and completely reengineered groove design. The story behind the MD5 Jaws goes something like this: golf is very much life-like, i.e. there are many rules in the game; some are written, some are not, but speaking of the former, there are limits set on everything by the Rules of Golf.

Callaway Launches Jaws MD5 wedges

However, since golf companies employ some of the smartest people on Earth, there are creative ways to go around some of the rules, if not all. Basically, if you want to solve a golf-related problem, you throw all the technology you have at it and hope for the best, i.e. getting creative with tech and design is the best way to deal with man-imposed limits. That's the story of the MD5 Jaws, or, more precisely, the secret behind these awesome grooves. Callaway's engineers had to find a way to increase both spin and control by completely changing the overall shape of the grooves, that compared to previous models obviously. And the thing is, the shape of the grooves is arguably one of the most overlooked parts in the so-called wedge-theory, which states that everything must revolve around creating more consistency and control. Okay, spin is cool too, but if it's not the same from shot to shot, well, you see where this is going.

The new Jaws wedges feature a proprietary groove design, a brand new one respectively, which makes for a radical change to the whole shape. This out of the box approach created a novel way to get the contact radius right to the limit, and we mean that literally (think about the aforementioned Rules of Golf). The new design approach was so radical, that Callaway's manufacturing partners rejected the new project altogether, quoting the fail rate which was close to fifty percent, and saying simply: we're sorry, we can't do it. Due to fail-rate related losses, the cost of the MD5 Jaws would have gone through the roof, and that's a big no-no in business, especially if you take into account that each face of a MD5 Jaws takes something like ten minutes of machine time, and that does not include microgrooves. Callaway's solution to the problem was also novel and radical: the cutting tool will be changed every fifteen wedges.

Callaway Launches Jaws MD5 wedges

The end result of this new approach was fantastic: the MD5 Jaws boast ten percent more spin on shots hit around the green, that compared to the previous-gen, the MD4. Also, the MD5 Jaws launches lower by 1 degree, and yes, 1 degree really matters in the real world, in case you were wondering about minutia. Some may indeed argue that lower launching angles are not a “must-have” feature in a wedge, and they would be right. However, if you talk to professional short game coaches, (in Callaway's case that would be Roger Cleveland), they'll explain you the importance of being able to control launch even when it comes to wedges because everyone already knows how important that stuff is with a driver.

To be more specific, considering the one degree lower launching angle in MD5's case, that translates into a higher friction coefficient in real life, and big talk aside, you'll be able to hit the low checker, that thing all better players know and love. Besides the grooves getting completely redesigned, the MD5 Jaws wedge has a reevaluated shape/profile, as well as grind options. The lower lofted wedges were redesigned from the 46-56 degrees, in order to flow better and have a smaller profile, from the lowest to the highest loft in the wedge-set. This decision was not taken lightly, i.e. this is not just an optic-driven design, as smaller heads will help with having more concentrated mass, and that translates into better overall workability. Another reason is that according to data harvested by Callaway, when it comes to full shots, golfers use 46- 56-degree clubs a lot more often, that compared to the higher lofted wedges. Basically, this design philosophy can be described as the best of both worlds, and the MD5 Jaws are not only better than the MD4, but also less expensive.

Callaway Launches Jaws MD5 wedges

Here's Alan Hocknell, Callaway's senior vice president of research and development:

“I think you could say this is a little bit of an upsetting of the apple cart. Most of the time when people talk about grooves they talk about steep walls as the thing that generates spin, but a lot of the testing we've done has suggested that you prize that edge. The edge dominates in generating spin, particularly on short shots where there's not a lot of deformation on the ball. When you prioritize it that way, you're actually able to machine the groove slightly differently, which allows you to hold sharpness and tolerances a lot tighter,”

The new wedges from Callaway are available in 5 sole grinds, in order to help golfers find the perfect wedge to match their particular style, and also to offer a wide variety of playing conditions, making for 23 combinations of loft/sole grind:

C – A moderately wide sole with relief in the heel and toe areas.

X – A high-bounce version of the C-Grind for players who have a steeper angle of attack into the ball.

S – A standard, straight and versatile sole for players who rarely open the clubface.

High W – A wide-soled option with extra bounce.

Low W – Popular on the PGA Tour, this grind has a narrow heel so players can open the face. Ideal for play on tight lies.

And here's the most interesting part: the pricing issue. The Callaway JAWS MD5 wedges are currently retailing for 159.99 each with True Temper Tour Issue 115 (steel) or Project X Catalyst 80 (graphite) shaft and Lamkin UTX grip, being cast from 8620 mild-carbon steel. The wedges are available in Lofts: 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 and 64 degrees in Platinium Chrome and Tour Grey finish.