Bushnell Neo XS Golf Watch

    The NEO XS is Bushnell’s latest volley into an entry-level golf GPS watch. Bushnell has taken the prior generation NEO-X, and improved it significantly. They have added two additional hazards that can be listed for each hole (increasing the total to four per hole). It is both small and lightweight, making this one of the most aesthetically pleasing golf watches presented this year. The sleek round design of the NEO XS is vastly superior to the bulky look of the NEO-X.

    Although it does not keep score or pair to a mobile device through Bluetooth, it is extremely functional and user friendly. I believe that if you’re looking for a low-priced alternative in the golf GPS watch field, the NEO XS is the one to get. Bushnell gets full marks for this product.

    This watch is available in three catchy color combinations – charcoal gray body /charcoal gray rubber band and orange trim, black body/black rubber band with neon yellow trim, and white body/white rubber band with blue trim.

    What is good about this product.

  • It is reasonably priced
  • It has strong course coverage (33,000 worldwide)
  • It comes with a small brush to clean the charging contacts
  • What is not good

  • It has no scoring or statistics
  • The process is a bit “clunky” when you first do a course database update
  • There is no wall charger supplied