Bradley Putters: A Wood Putter in 2019

Creating a handmade putter that performs like the biggest brand name is an impressive accomplishment but when that putter is made from a piece of wood that you picked by hand is even more impressive. Bradley Putters offers completely customizable putters that flaunt a wood head, finished in any color you can think of. Bradley Converse, the creator and owner of Bradley Putters, worked as a military contractor for ten years before receiving a request to relocate to Virginia from Oregon.

Not wanting to leave Oregon, Bradley decided to stay and he soon had the idea to start a new trend in the golf industry. The idea that lit the fire was to create putters made of burl wood. Within weeks of creation, he was receiving rave reviews from the first customers. Amazingly, according to Bradley Converse, within three weeks of the start of the company, they were invited to the PGA Merchandise Show. This is a testament to the quality and intrigue of these putters. Every putter is made by saws, a drill press, and sanders. That means every putter is unique and handmade. It also allows you to create any head you want from any piece of wood you can think of.

Bradley Putters: A Wood Putter in 2019

You can send them the wood you want to use for your putter head and they will make it happen. For example, you could cut a branch out of a tree in your front yard and have it made into a putter. One example from Bradley’s website is a putter they made for a gentleman named Jesse who crashed his hydroplane boat but was able to save a piece of the hull and sent it into Bradley who turned it into a beautiful putter head with the same decal as the boat. He even made the putter head match the color scheme of the boat which was purple and lime green.

Now let’s discuss what everyone wants to know, do they actually perform? The quick answer is yes. The Bradley Putter is not a decoration putter that you hang above the bar, it’s a statement piece that you can game every time your on the course with equal if not more confidence than your current putter. First, the wood is stabilized which means they remove the air spots in the wood and fill them with a hardener.

Bradley Putters: A Wood Putter in 2019

The wood putters offer a soft feel while still being dense enough. You may think that a wood putter head would be too light but Bradley controls the weight with internally placed lead. This allows them to fully customize and configure the weight of each one. The faces are not milled like a traditional putter but by using the lead weights, they are able to accurately create a center spot on the face. This center spot will feel better than the toe or heel just like a standard putter would.

The best part about these putters is the finish they use to highlight the characteristics of the wood. They use any color you can think of and can even burn any design you want into the wood. Text, decals, logos, custom sight lines, are just a few examples of the ways you can make your putter stand out. Each putter comes with a custom leather putter cover that will specifically fit your putter head. All of your friends will be jealous of your putter as soon as they see it holstered in your bag.

Finally, the last detail to discuss is the price. A custom Bradley Putter will start at $595 and can increase depending upon your customization options. This may seem like a steep price but to support small businesses in the United States and receive a top notch product makes it more than worth the price. The best way to view Bradley Putters full gallery is to checkout their website or Instagram page. Bradley posts a huge variety of all of the putters that they have created.