Brainstorm Golf Gets Happy With Putter

    By now everyone is getting used to adjustable drivers and to tinkering with the fittings for the optimal ball flight. Well, why can’t players do the same tinkering with putters? Brainstorm Golf give golfers putter possibilities. Their putter line called Happy Putter Tour Series is adjustable in multiple specifications. Adjustments include 3 loft positions (1 deg, 3.5 deg, 6 deg), 3 lie positions (68 deg, 71 deg, 74 deg), 3 offset positions (zero shaft, half shaft, full shaft), numerous weight options (15g, 30g) and alignment guides.

    With the alignment guide, experimenting with multiple lines, a single line, a wide line or thin line is possible. Keeping the alignment “fresh” is one way to combat “lazy eye” or the tendency to lose focus by repeatedly looking at the same alignment guide.

    Brainstorm Golf Gets Happy With Putter

    And if for some reason if putting lefty is the way to roll more balls in the hole, then go ahead and switch the dexterity from right-handed to left-handed.

    The head is available in two styles, both a blade and mallet and the distinctive green, blue and yellow colors are sure to brighten anyone’s round. Each putter comes with the wrench, head cover and pistol grip.

    Given the range of possibilities, how would one get the right settings dialed in? Tour pros have a coach with a tour van and Brainstorm Golf launched an adjust ability guide mobile app to handle the details. The app educates players with sections on how to make changes, changing to playing conditions, adjusting to fit your stroke and the missing puts guide to correct misses with putter adjustments. Smartphone users can download the app from the Apple App Store or from Google Play.

    Happy is the golfer who has confidence in their putter. Brainstorm Golf opens the door to new possibilities in putter customization and attitude adjustment.