Best Mallet Putter of 2016

    The Scotty Cameron X7/X7M lead the list of Golf Digest Gold award winners for mallet putters this year.

    It simply amazes me that, even in today’s putters, there is a committed effort to move weight lower and farther back. Obviously the CG (Center of Gravity) is altered, but please don’t try to tell me that this phenomenon affects putters in the same way it affects drivers. The answer is…it doesn’t have to. MOI (Moment of Inertia ) is every bit as important to striking the ball with a putter as it is with a driver…and maybe even more. Think of it. You can miss your drive by one or two degrees and still have a successful drive. But, miss your putt by that same percentage and you’re a bad putter. Your putter relies on MOI to be higher to make it more stable. More stable is more balanced. More balanced is more consistent. A more consistent putting stroke means more confidence. This, in a nutshell is the motivation of the Futura X7 series.

    The head on the face-balanced Futura X7 mallet is 10% larger than the previous Futura X5 and is constructed of a lightweight aluminum face and sole and surrounded by a stainless steel frame. The combination of these materials gives the X7 a very soft feel while also being very forgiving.

    The Futura X7M mallet is virtually the same putter only with a stainless steel bar in the back of the club head making it even more forgiving. The X7M is also available in a Dual Balance model with a club head that's 50-grams heavier than standard (400g total) plus a 50-gram counterweight in the grip end of the club. The Dual Balance X7M comes in a 38″ length and features a 15″ grip designed to allow players to hold the club below the counterweight for enhanced stability throughout the stroke.

    Heel/toe weights are adjusted and matched to each putter depending on the length. Consider this an investment in your game. It can instill confidence in your putting stroke when all seems lost.