BagBoy Launches Bluetooth Accessories

If you’re looking for a little bit of fun on the golf course, today’s news is great, as BagBoy just launched their Bluetooth Accessories. If you’re wondering what’s that about, well, we’re talking about a Mini Soundbar and Bluetooth Speaker Kit. You see where this is going, right? As you may already know, BagBoy is a US based company specialized in producing all sorts of cool golf products and accessories, and earlier this year they’ve started a new line of golf centric gear, the Electronic Tech Accessories Collection respectively.

According to the company’s product manager Pat Gallagher, but let’s quote the man himself:

“Much has changed in the past few years. A growing number of amateurs and pros are bringing music to the range and out onto the course.”

BagBoy Launches Bluetooth Accessories

That’s true to a certain extent, considering we’re not talking about Tour events and the like. So, here’s the deal: the Bluetooth speaker kit from BagBoy consists of a high quality speaker which is capable to connect to whatever smart device (think along the lines of the ubiquitous smartphone) you carry with you, and then stream your favorite music or podcast of whatever from your Bluetooth enabled device. The Bluetooth speaker kit can also be used (if so required) as a hands-free device, and comes with a range of thirty two feet, which should be more than enough for most people.

Since we’re talking about a “kit”, BagBoy also provides a secure cart mount, so you can carry your speaker around on the battlefield without hassle; the mount is compatible with the vast majority of riding carts, so there you have it, this is it in a nutshell. Now, the Mini Sound Bar is aimed at music aficionados, and it makes for a tough and pretty loud wireless speaker (Bluetooth enabled obviously), which is perfectly capable of delivering a high quality music stream from your smartphone. The case of the speaker is designed specifically for outdoor use, features a rubberized plastic material and it’s also waterproof, i.e. you can have “sunshine” on a rainy day with this baby. The Sound Bar’s retail package includes a metal carabineer, so you’ll be able to attach the Bluetooth speaker to virtually anything. But wait, there’s more: the speaker’s battery can be used as a power-bank for recharging your rangefinder, smartphone or whatever device you carry with you via USB. And if you need more juice on the field, don’t worry, as BagBoy’s Electronic Tech Accessories Collection includes an excellent 3-in-1 Cart Fan, Solar Charger, not to mention their famous Electronic Hand Warmer, which may come handy (pun included) during chilly autumn mornings.