Bag Boy’s Cold Gear Will Help You Keep Warm This Winter

Bag Boy is ready to help you keep warm on the golf course this winter with its Cold Gear products and accessories. To be more precise, the cold gear duo launched by Bag Boy this winter consists of an Electronic Hand Warmer and Cart Mitt. Here’s Bag Boy’s Product Manager Pat Gallagher:

“Both of these products are very popular in the months where it’s cold out, but people still want to golf. It’s hard to grip a golf club when your hands are freezing. Fortunately, the hand warmer and cart mitt work great together to help keep you warm.”

Truer words have never been spoken, and here's how it works: Bag Boy's Bag Boy’s Cold Gear Will Help You Keep Warm This Winter Electronic Hand Warmer will help “defrost” your hands within seconds in cold weather, as it comes in a sleek, ergonomic and, most importantly, dual-sided heat design. The hand warmer will work for two and a half hours on a single charge (rechargeable battery included), and the same battery can be used a power bank to juice up your smartphone or range finder via USB.

Speaking of keeping your hands warm and fluffy, the device can reach temperatures up to 131°F/55°C, and has an automatic shut-down feature; moreover, the gizmo is small enough to fit perfectly inside the Cart Mitt, which means you'll benefit from double warmth. The Cart Mitt features a luxurious plush interior to keep your hands warm and cozy. The exterior is made from nylon, i.e. it's easy to clean and durable, and comes with an elastic pocket.