Bag Boy Reveals Novel Revolver FX Bag

Bag Boy is a big name in the industry and their latest Revolver FX Bag is actually something to write home about. Allow us to elaborate on the latter: since 1946, Bag Boy is one of the golf industry leaders, and the Revolver FX golf bag is proof that the company is going to stay that way for the years to come. So, what is it? Well, think along the lines of a revolver and then try to mix the concept of a revolver with a golf bag! You see where this is going, right? The Revolver FX is very much like a revolver due to its patented/exclusive 360º rotating top, a highly innovative and novel feature. But wait, there's more: the Revolver FX also comes with CLIP-LOK™ technology, Top-Lok® technology, and a smart Grip-Lok base. Here's the company Sales Manager Perry Hilbert commenting about his company's latest product:

“Golfers who ride really enjoy the ease of finding their clubs by just rotating the top. Another feature that is always a favorite is Clip-Lok technology; it secures the clubs while transporting them.”

So, here the deal: the 360º rotating top is a very interesting and practical feature which sets the Revolver FX apart from its competitors, and, to make it real simple,Bag Boy Reveals Novel Revolver FX Bag it's basically a rotating top that makes sure you'll always have the club you need available right at hand with zero hassle. It's pure genius if you ask us, and besides the revolver thing, the bag also features 4-way full-length individual dividers, for protecting your clubs against scraping/hitting against each other, plus the aforementioned Top-Lock technology, which assures the firm and secure lock to virtually any model of pushcart, provided it's a Bag Boy product. Top Lock is a patented technology that is literally a cart attachment system that works well and easy, together with Clip Lok and the Grip Lok base, for keeping your club-collection firmly in place, regardless of what you're doing with the bag.