A Few Points On MOI-Moment of Inertia

    On the topic of moment of inertia and game improvement clubs, we have a few points to highlight. Please review the points below for these key tips.

  • Take visual appeal into consideration. We touched on this point above with regard to your putter, but it needs to be considered when picking full swing clubs as well. You should like the way your clubs look while standing over the ball at address – especially your irons. If there is something off-putting about a specific set of clubs, look for other options which will better suit your eye.
  • Continue to work on your swing. You don’t want to lean on your game improvement clubs like a crutch. It is still important to work on improving your swing technique, even if you are getting decent results at the moment. Ideally, you’ll be able to move away from the high MOI clubs at some point in the future, and you will need a quality swing to make that transition.
  • Think about your environment. It is smart to think about the normal conditions you face on the course when assembling your set. For example, if you play on a course which is frequently swept by strong winds, it wouldn’t make much sense to fill your set with clubs that are designed to hit the ball high in the air. You always want your clubs to be working in your favor on the course, but that won’t be the case if they don’t match up with the conditions you tend to face.
  • Using clubs with a high MOI can give you a tremendous sense of confidence while standing over the ball. You’ll know that you can get away with a bit of a mistake at impact, so you will feel free to just do your best and see what happens. While game improvement clubs are far from perfect, they are a great option for millions of golfers who fall into the beginner and high handicap categories. When used by the right players, high MOI clubs can make this game much more enjoyable. Good luck!