A Cork Putter Grip

    Fishermen live for the electrifying sensation of the nibble.

    A tap on the lure sends a signal through line, down the rod, and into the hands via the delicate cork handle.

    Want that same sensitivity on the greens? A new company called Salty Grips offers putter grips made from cork, just like your favorite fly rod. The idea is simple: Cork is far lighter and more conductive than rubber, providing finer feedback on well-struck putts and miss-hits.

    Offered in mid-plus and oversize models, Salty Grips are 25-40% lighter than typical rubber grips. And don’t worry about them swelling up in the rain – the grips are sealed and water-resistant. Retail pricing is $34.95 for a mid-plus Salty Grip, $39.95 for an oversize version.