Callaway XR Pro Irons/Hybrids Combo Set Review
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    The  Callaway XR Pro Irons/Hybrids Combo set retails for $999,99 (MSRP) and it falls into the game improvement irons category. Basically, this represents the complete package from Callaway, designed for golfers seeking the refined iron shape which is aimed at better players, together with the next-gen XR Pro Hybrid, for more distance from  everywhere. The key technology incorporated into these irons/hybrids is the 360 degree cup face, that's designed and built for improving ball speeds, regardless where you make contact. In terms of playability, this hybrid feels like preprogrammed to promote a high and straight ball trajectory, with zero issues in the rough and easy altitude all around the set; the forgiveness levels are amazing, ahead of their class to say the least, feeling almost effortless with loads of help across the entire club face and being some of the most user friendly irons and hybrids I've tried recently.

    The Callaway XR Pro combo set provides that “every man's iron” feeling, they're easy on the joints, relatively lightweight and great when it comes to shock absorbing. Also, these babies promote good stability during your swings and through the ball. The main qualities of the Callaway XR Pro combo set are their forgiveness and outstanding length, being a great choice for a slow swinger. If you're asking yourself why, I must tell you that Callaway emphasized increased ball sped for achieving greater distance in these babies all across the face, even when it comes to off center hits, and that's what you would expect from a game improvement set, right? Also, the Callaway XR Pro feature a higher moment of inertia and the lowest center of gravity ever in a hybrid, due to a completely redesigned head shape, which promotes forgiveness.