Cobra King F6 Combo Set Review

    The Cobra King F6 Combo Set retails for $899 (MSRP) and it's the perfect package if you're looking for forgiveness and distance, together with total control and great feel. The best thing about the Cobra King F6 Combo Set is that it makes for the ideal combo between adjustable hybrids and high quality irons, all delivered in a timeless design with a classic head shape, totally boosting confidence and looking great at address, everything in just one easy to hit set. With the Cobra King F6 Combo Set, you'll be able to gap your game impeccably, via the ideal combo between 6 steel shaft irons and the 2 adjustable hybrids.

    The adjustable hybrids are built and designed with a low CG (center of gravity) for promoting higher ball speed and forgiveness. The irons come with a hugely responsive face and a full hollow built, promoting accuracy, longer ball flights and being very easy to hit. With the Cobra King F6 Combo Set, you'll discover a new dimension in your game and you'll feel like you've never hit a ball so straight before in your life. The excellent melange of optimized performance which delivers the best combination of spin and launch angle together with the clean looks and minimalistic design makes the Cobra King F6 Combo Set very easy to recommend for golfers seeking great forgiveness and performance at an affordable price tag.