Vaporized Bob Golf Joke

Takes One to Know One

Vaporized Bob Golf Joke 1

Jeff and Larry are playing their usual $5 Nassau on a Wednesday afternoon. They both play extremely well on the front nine to finish tied. They’re all square on the back when they reach the 16th hole.

Jeff crushes his drive down the middle and gives Larry a “let’s-see-you-match-that” grin. Larry takes the bait, overswings and hooks his ball deep into the woods. They search in vain amongst the trees and bushes when Jeff points out that Larry’s five minutes for finding his ball are almost up.

Seconds later, after making sure Jeff is looking elsewhere, Larry slyly drops a ball from his pocket. “Found it!” he exclaims. “I’ve got a clear shot through the trees, too.”

Jeff walks over and, sounding genuinely wounded, says, “I can’t believe you’d cheat me.”

“Cheat?” Larry shoots back angrily. “Look at the ball – it’s the same brand and number I’ve been playing all day.”

“So you’ll not only cheat,” Jeff replies, “you’ll lie to my face.”

“Come on, Jeff,” Larry says. “What makes you think I cheated in the first place?”

“Well,” Jeff sighs, “I’ve had your ball in my pocket for the last three minutes.”