Tough Putt from There

Tough Putt from There 1

Andrew, a decent golfer on his first trip to Scotland, walks onto the tee of a long par 3. “Looks like a 3-iron and a putter,” he says to his caddie, Alister.

The caddie hands him the 3-iron, and Andrew tops the ball into a patch of gorse in front of the tee box. Alister gives him the putter. “Go ahead, sir,” he sniffs. “Knock it in.”

A Father’s Wisdom

Tough Putt from There 2

Maxwell decides it’s time for a heart-to-heart chat with his pre-teen son, Will.

“Will, my boy,” Maxwell begins, “let me explain a few things to you. Pretty soon, you’ll begin to have urges, feelings you’ve never experienced. You’ll get nervous. Your heart will race and your hands will become clammy with sweat. You’ll become so preoccupied that you can’t think of anything else.”

As Will rolls his eyes, Maxwell continues. “But don’t worry, son, it’s all perfectly normal. Golf does that to every man.”