Till Golf Do Us Part

Zach and Allison have just tied the knot and are greeting guests in the receiving line. A man walks up and stands a set of golf clubs next to Zach. “Here you are, sir,” he says, and Zach thanks him.

Perplexed, Allison asks, “Why did that man bring your golf clubs?”

Replies Zach, “We’re almost done, right?”

Till Golf Do Us Part Joke 1

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Two days after her husband passes away, Meg visits the local paper to place an obituary. “The charge is 50 cents per word,” the clerk tells her with a sympathetic smile.

Meg nods and thinks for a few seconds. “OK then,” she says, “just have it read, ‘Walter Mixon died.’”

The clerk politely informs her that a seven-word minimum applies. “I see,” Meg says before pausing. “How about this: Walter Mixon died. Golf clubs for sale.”

Till Golf Do Us Part Joke 2