Slowest Round Golf Joke

Slowest Round Golf Joke 1

On Second Thought…

Martin begins his weekly round on the 10th hole, which happens to be a long par 3 over a water hazard. He pulls out a beat-up ball and tees it up when suddenly, he hears a booming voice from above:


Astounded but now brimming with hope, Martin takes a full-throttled practice swing.

“NEVER MIND,” comes the voice. “JUST HIT A RANGE BALL.”

Slowest Round Golf Joke 2

New to These Parts, Aren’t You?

Finding himself with a free afternoon on a trip to Scotland, Darryl decides to hit the links. He’s partnered with three locals, who insist that – as a guest in their country – he should hit first on No. 1.

A little nervous, Darryl takes a mighty swipe and tops his tee shot about 40 yards into the tall fescue. He chuckles, shakes his head and tees up a second ball, crushing it 275 yards down the middle.

Grinning from ear to ear, Darryl says, “In the States we call that a mulligan. Is that what it’s called here too?”

“Nay,” replies one Scot. “We call it hitting three.”