Playing to His Age, Golf Joke 1

An older gentleman named Carl was chatting with one of his club’s young members, Ben. “I still play in the upper 70s,” Carl told Ben, a hint of pride in his craggy voice.

“Wow,” Ben replied, genuinely impressed. “That’s pretty amazing.”

“I suppose,” Carl chuckled. “My doctor said if I play when it’s hotter, I’ll probably have a stroke.”

Playing to His Age, Golf Joke 2

Fore for Four, Golf Joke

Gary is just about to hit his tee shot on the sixth hole when a golf ball comes screaming from a nearby fairway, striking him in the chin.

When the offending player drives up, Gary lets him have it. “You jerk!” he screams while rubbing his jaw. “I’ll sue you for 5 million bucks!”

“Well, I said, ‘Fore,’” the other golfer protests.

“Fine,” says Gary, “I’ll take it!”