My Sand Wedge, Please Golf Joke 1

My Sand Wedge, Please

An American is playing golf at a remote course in New Zealand. Beyond the fairways lie bubbling pools of mud, searing lava flows, unpredictable geysers and ferocious quicksand.

On the eighth hole, the American is cautiously searching for his ball when he spots a hand extending from a pit of quicksand. “Come here, quick!” the golfer shouts to his Kiwi partner. “I think this guy needs a wedge!”

My Sand Wedge, Please Golf Joke 2

Putting in a Panic

Cory calls his pediatrician, frantic with terror.

“Doctor Hammond, it’s an emergency!” he screams into the phone. “The baby just swallowed my golf tees!”

“I’ll be there right away,” the doctor says calmly. “See you in a few minutes.”

“Wait, Doc, don’t hang up!” Cory implores. “What do I do until you get her?”

“Well,” the doctor says after a brief pause, “I’d say just practice your putting.”