Funereal March, Golf Joke

Funereal March, Golf Joke 1

Jonathan was paired with a twosome at Pebble Beach. After a few holes, it was obvious something was distracting the single golfer.

“I don’t mean to pry, Jonathan,” one of his partners said, “but you seem a little glum for a man playing one of the world’s most beautiful golf courses.”

“It’s OK,” Jonathan replied with a weak smile. “You see, my wife and I have played here together for the past 25 years. She passed away recently, and this is my first round without her. I kept the tee time in her memory.”

The others were taken aback. “I’m terribly sorry for your loss,” one man said. “But couldn’t you find someone to take her spot?”

“I thought so,” Jonathan said, “but they all decided to attend the funeral.”

What’s to Complain About? Golf Joke

Funereal March, Golf Joke 2

Jock, Carl, Don and Manuel had been playing golf together every week for 50 years. Now in their 80s, the foursome’s zest for the game was heading rapidly south.

“I swear, these hills get steeper every year,” Jock moaned.

“Yeah, and the holes are a lot longer too,” lamented Carl.

“No kidding,” Don added. “And is it just me, or are the bunkers deeper than they were a few years ago?”

Manuel, who had remained silent as his buddies moaned, finally piped up. “I don’t know what you guys are complaining about,” he said. “I’m just happy we’re still on this side of the grass!”