Fair Warning

Fair Warning Joke

A lousy golfer named Gus hits a banana ball off the first tee. His slice nearly takes out a fellow player walking up the ninth fairway.

Noticing that the man is quite angry, Gus approaches his ball sheepishly. “I’m very sorry,” he says. “But I didn’t have time to yell, ‘Fore.’”

“Is that so?” the other golfer fumes. “Because you had plenty of time to yell %$&#!”

Whack… Whack… Whack…

Fair Warning Joke 2

On the third hole of a punishing mountain course, Brent smacks his tee shot into a tree-covered ravine. In he goes, making several loud whacks before his ball rockets through the scrub and onto the fairway.

“How many shots did it take you to get out?” asks Brent’s playing partner, Jake.

“Three,” Brent replies.

“Huh,” says a skeptical Jake. “I could’ve sworn I heard six.”

“You did,” Brent responds, “but three of them were echoes.”