When viewed in comparison with many of the other popular sports in the world, golf wouldn't seem to be a game that comes with a lot of fear. If you play baseball, for example, you have to worry about getting hit with a fastball while standing in the batter's box. Or, if you are a football player, you have to worry about getting tackled by a linebacker who you never see coming. The list can go on and on. Many sports bring along very real physical fears.

Fear – Golf Lessons & Tips

In golf, of course, the fear is not of a physical nature. Unless you happen to get hit by an errant shot from somewhere else on the course, you should walk off the 18th green unscathed. However, that doesn't mean that you will be free from fear for the entire day. The fear in this game comes in the way of threats to your score and your performance. Many different situations which will pop up on the course can lead you to feel fearful, including having to hit a long shot over water, or having to hit a short putt with something on the line. Every golfer knows the feeling of being afraid while getting ready to swing – and that is a powerful feeling, even if your fears are not the physical kind.

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