Titleist 915 Fd Fairway Wood Review
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    The Titleist 915 Fd Fairway Wood is the definition of distance without compromise, total shot control and versatility, being an excellent choice for boosting your game. Retailing for $299 (MSRP), the Titleist 915 Fd Fairway Wood is everything about control from the tee and turf, featuring a compact profile that promotes no draw bias and a lower launch trajectory with low spin. The first thing that comes to mind after playing a few rounds with the Titleist 915 Fd Fairway Wood is that old saying: if it ain't broke, don't fix it! What I'm trying to tell you is that the 915 Fd is the definition of the archetypal fairway wood: simple/even minimalistic design, great looks and solid performance, that's all there is to it.

    The Titleist 915 Fd Fairway Wood features a compact pear shape, simple lines and a mid sized face, with a couple of high-tech tweaks for making it even better than the old 913 Fd fairway wood. The sole comes with the white lines design, a signature of the 915 series, the noticeable Active Recoil Channel and a weight toward the face. The branding is minimal, while the sound and feel are among the best I've ever encountered in a long time. The Titleist 915 Fd Fairway Wood has a solid, nice, even heavy feel to it and a compact and tight sound, which really connects you to the shot. The face of the club is very forgiving and even the off center hits are mitigated with flying colors. Bottom line, the Titleist 915 Fd Fairway Wood is a solid performer, offering more distance more often, even when it comes to off center hits, a precision fit and lower spin/higher speed, shot after shot.