Ping G SF Tec Fairway Wood Review
    © Ping Golf

    There’s nothing Science Fiction about the Ping G SF Tec Fairway Wood except for the results you’ll achieve playing with it. Joke aside, this fairway wood is custom engineered featuring weight closer to its heel, higher lofts and a lighter swing weight, being specially crafted for players who regularly miss to the left. As a consequence, the Ping G SF Tec Fairway Wood will produce right to left shot bend, via its clever design i.e. the lower lead edge which makes sure that contact with the ball takes place higher on the face. Also, this baby comes with Ping’s thinnest face to date in a fairway, allowing for a low-back center of gravity which ensures low spin, a high launch and extreme forgiveness. All these tech specs aside, if I’d have to describe the Ping G SF Tec Fairway Wood in a few words I’d say that this is the quintessential club for players seeking long-high draws using fairway woods and that about sums it up.

    Unlike Ping’s G drivers, which are all looking virtually the same, the fairways are all different, all three of them, with the G SF Tec Fairway Wood being bigger and round compared to its siblings, and also adjustable, allowing you to get that square look we all know and love, if that’s your cup of tea obviously. At impact, the Ping G SF Tec Fairway Wood sounds slightly metallic and relatively quiet, providing outstanding feedback, and that’s quite surprising considering its excellent forgiveness. The stock shaft of the G SF Tec is similar to the other clubs in the G line, i.e. the counterbalanced Alta. Counterbalancing was used by Ping’s R&D team for allowing them to use a heavier head which works wonders in terms of forgiveness and distance. Basically, the Ping G SF Tec Fairway Wood is built and designed with two main things in mind: higher launch with ease and for promoting a right to left trajectory, as I already told you in the preamble. And needless to say, it does quite good on both. If you’re a slicer, this baby is the answer to your prayers and bottom line, the Ping G SF Tec Fairway Wood will fit perfectly skilled fairway wood players and low handicappers alike, as its draw bias will provide consistent long/straight shots.