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part 7 woods 1

Once the ball has been struck, it’s important not to quit on the swing. Fortunately, good technique from backswing to impact assures an accelerating motion that glides to a smooth finish.

After impact, the right side is essentially a mirror image of the left on the backswing:

  • The right arm has straightened while the left elbow bends. 
  • The eyes remain focused on the spot where the ball sat, with the head rising naturally as the right shoulder rotates through.part 7 woods 2
  • Weight shifts from the inside of the right foot to the inside of the left foot.
  • The end of the golf swing holds clues to whether the golfer’s balance, tempo, posture, rotation, plane and other fundamentals were in sync all the way through. Here’s what a good finish entails:

  • The belt buckle and chest face the target.
  • Weight is balanced on the left foot.
  • The hands and arms are fully released (right rolled over left) and over the left shoulder.
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