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    Golf’s moment of truth. If your grip, setup, takeaway, backswing and downswing are in order, here’s what happens as a fairway wood contacts the ball:

  1. The right hand and forearm roll over the left; this action is called the release.
  2. On impact, the hands are even with or ever-so-slightly ahead of the ball. 
  3. The clubhead strikes the ball at or a fraction before the bottom of the swing’s arc. 
  4. Your right knee points inward, at the target.
  5. The left hip has “cleared,” i.e. rotated left of the target, with the right hip coming around toward the ball.
  6. The shoulders are square to the target line, your weight evenly balanced on both feet.
  7. While most fairway wood swings don’t produce divots, it’s OK to catch a little turf after the ball.

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