Cobra King LTD Fairway Woods Review

    The Cobra King LTD Fairway wood is among the best on the market in terms of consistency and performance, being actually the ultimate “toy” in my personal experience as far as fairway woods go, and that's due to the several key technologies this baby has in common with the King LTD Driver.

    Retailing for $299, the Cobra King LTD Fairway looks absolutely beautiful, even stunning, it's that “love at first sight” kind of a deal. Just like the King LTD Driver, there's nothing comparable on the market today, design wise, especially when talking about that Spaceport gizmo which looks, let's say “alien”, in the good sense of the word.

    The head-shape of the Cobra King LTD Fairway is a tad larger than its competitors, which are rather compact size, but that's not a bad thing. Just wait until you hit the ball with this fairway wood, and you'll be flabbergasted: the sound upon ball impact is actually metallic, very similar to the one produced by the driver and, wait for it, it sounds like the ball was ejected from a .50 magnum, or like exploding off of the wood's face! Cobra did an excellent job in this department, but that's not all.

    Basically, the Cobra King LTD Fairway feels like a very forgiving piece of golf gear, but…explosive. Bottom line, Cobra managed to achieve an incredible performance with this fairway, which makes you feel like you're cheating when playing golf. I mean, everything feels so easy to hit, it's absolutely eerie, and the distance is phenomenal for a wood. Just take it for a spin and I guarantee you, it will rock your world!