Cobra Max Fairway Wood Review

    The Cobra Max Fairway Wood retails for $199 (MSRP) and it's designed and built for promoting an easy and straight ball flight together with a high-launch trajectory. To achieve these goals, Cobra created an offset hosel design, which helps higher handicap golfers to achieve straighter shots and fewer slices than ever before when using a fairway wood. The Cobra Max fairway features the iconic proprietary technology Speed Channel Face, which is basically a cleverly engineered trench which surrounds the face and helps with minimizing its thickness for providing additional ball speed all across the face, and also for delivering unparalleled forgiveness and distance.

    To help you square the face more easily upon ball impact, the Cobra Max comes with the offset hosel design, making slices a thing of the past, and helping you enjoy your favorite game by promoting a draw biased and straighter ball flight. Also, the Cobra Max features the Back CG Zone Weighting technology, which actually removes/repositions the weight from the crown and puts it back and low in the head, creating a deep and low CG (center of gravity) which translates into amazing forgiveness levels, especially when confronted with off-center hits, together with amazing distance, regardless where you hit the ball on the face. Bottom line, the new Cobra Max is definitely a game improver, which offers excellent distance and forgiveness at an affordable price.