PXG 0811X & 0811LX Driver Review
©PXG Golf

The PXG 0811X & 0811LX drivers are built and designed to deliver an amazing sound and feel, unmatched distance and extremely low spin, as per the company’s specs. The 0811LX is the lighter of the bunch, and according PXG, these drivers don’t come with fancy names because, well, PXG says it all. A bold statement, don’t you think? The thing about the PXG 0811X & 0811LX drivers is that they’re the company’s lowest spinning and lightest to date, and they boast the latest technological innovations in PXG’s porfolio: the proprietary honeycomb TPE insert, a state of the art/variable face design, an ultra light carbon fiber crown and a top-notch weighting system. Everything in these drivers, including their very low center of gravity position and their highly precise weighting system is aimed at delivering more distance than ever before and that perfect ball-flight all golfers strive for. On the “battlefield”, as in real-life testing, the PXG 0811X & 0811LX drivers deliver fairly low spin and their hosels and weighting-system work together to offer you tons of adjustability. Also, these babies are straighter, longer and more forgiving compared to other drivers on the market, but considering their hefty price tag, they should be. The main thing that differentiates the two drivers is their shape at address, i.e. the 0811LX has a round and symmetrical shape, and it’s smaller, while the 0811X driver has a reverse pear shape and is very long, front to back.

Other than that, they’re very similar in all regards, featuring a middle-of-the-road spin, tons of adjustability, and more than adequate forgiveness. Even if the company describes the PXG 0811X & 0811LX to be their low spin drivers, they’re actually somewhere in the middle, as I already told you, and that’s not a bad thing after all, as at a certain point, a massive drop in spin will begin to cost you distance. Another difference between the two drivers, other than their shape, is that the LX features a light weight design, with its head-weight being 8 grams lighter compared to the X. Bottom line, if you can live with the price tag (these drivers cost almost twice as much as their competitors), you should give them a chance.