PXG 0811 Driver Review
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The PXG 0811 driver is a solid club that comes at a relatively hefty ($700) price tag, which is far beyond the norm. The question is, is it worth it? To begin with, the PXG 0811 Driver comes with an innovative weighting system, composed of 16 movable weights working together with the adjustable hosel, hence if you’re that kind of golfer who enjoys tinkering with his gear, this baby will keep you busy for a while, as it offers lots of fine-tuning options. The huge number of combinations will allow you to hone your launching conditions in order to achieve that perfect ball flight we all strive for, while retaining a high moment of inertia. At address, the PXG 0811 460 cc driver boasts a matte black design and in some regards, it looks just like a Ping G, which is not an accident, since the company’s top engineers used to work for Ping.

The sole is pretty interesting, as the PXG 0811 features sixteen movable weights underside, which are made of titanium or tungsten, and they look pretty cool. At impact, the PXG 0811 sounds and feels absolutely awesome, provided you hit a pure one, and the feedback is clearly above average. Performance wise, PXG 0811’s weighting system allows for myriads of tuning options, but the question is if that’s a good thing after all, as in what kind of impact all that tinkering has performance wise. Now, if you’re a Tour Pro, you may feel the difference when moving 1 or 2 weights, but for everyone else, is basically too complicated, as recreational golfers would do way better with 2-4 settings to change the performance/feel of the club substantially, rather than 16 small weights that each would affect your swing next to nothing. All these complications aside, the PXG 0811 is a solid driver, and when the weights are “set to neutral”, it will provide you with mid spin/mid launch and reasonable amounts of forgiveness.