Ping i25 Drivers Review
    © Ping Golf

    The Ping i25 falls into the category of Tour Drivers and it retails for $399, accompanied by a PWR55 or a PWR65 graphite-made shaft. Despite being a tour driver, I must confess that after taking this baby for a spin on my favorite golf course, I found it rather forgiving, i.e. there’s more forgiveness in there than I would have expected in such a beast. Also, this is a very nice surprise, because even Tiger Woods has a bad day once in a while (and a lot of those recently, but that’s another story). Another major selling point for this baby is represented by its ground breaking/state of the art fitting options. Or, to put it bluntly, everything you’d expect from a high-end Ping driver, right?

    Featuring an all-black design with a racing stripe on its crown (it actually helps you with alignment, it’s not just a fashion statement), the i25 looks pretty cool and it means business. The 460cc head is large enough to boost confidence yet of the perfect size (read compact enough) to lure better players. The sound of the driver is very appealing, like music to my ears, while the feel is exceptionally solid with the stock shafts, providing you with ample feedback regardless of where you struck the shot. The stock shafts are able to cover the entire spectrum when it comes to fine tuning/fitting options and in terms of performance, this baby feels surgical, like a scalpel, being one of the most accurate drivers on the market. Bottom line, with the i25, Ping made state of the art fitting available to everyone, while providing an impressively forgiving club, with loads of consistency and low spin.