Ping G30 SF Tec Drivers Review
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    There’s nothing science-fiction (I am talking about the SF particle) in the Ping G30 SF Tec drivers, they’re just impressively forgiving pieces of max game improvement golf gear, retailing for $349. Featuring a graphite-made TFC 419D shaft, the SF Tec are top rated drivers in their category and they’re deigned to instill confidence and let you play/swing freely across the board. After playing a few rounds with these babies, I discovered that they’re so forgiving, they’re actually promoting an aggressive gameplay , because due to their incredible levels of forgiveness, your usual mistakes/mishits will disappear almost completely, being replaced with repeatable and consistent draws, shot after shot, round after round, all day long. The emphasis on accuracy and forgiveness in the Ping G30 SF Tec driver is obtained by their specially designed huge sweet spot, which is capable to provide you with consistent shots all across the face. Their excellent combo of carry and roll makes them one of my favorites in the max game improvement niche, not to mention their workability and high launch capabilities.

    These babies have all the awesome qualities which make the G30 series exceptional golf driver, plus a little extra on the forgiveness levels, to please those players who fight an unwanted slice from time to time. However, the G30 SF Tec are not focused only on high handicap players, pretty far from it actually; the SF Tec part essentially means a tad shifted CoG (center of gravity) for promoting a draw, i.e. science put to work, meant to improve your game. These are drivers which will suite a wide range of golf players, of all abilities, not only amateurs/high handicappers. Bottom line, I would advise you to buy these drivers, you can’t really go wrong, regardless of your skill level; they’re designed to offer you the precise amount of help you require, and that’s great in my book folks.