Ping G30 LS Tec Drivers Review
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    The Ping GS30 LS Tec fall into the category of better player drivers and they retail for $349, with a graphite-made TFC410 shaft. The main technology incorporated into their built is the specially designed center of gravity, which is 8% closer to the driver’s face than in the regular G30 line, thus promoting a significantly lower spin rate. Basically, these are the leaders of the pack; I mean the G30 pack, featuring Ping’s well-known turbulators for improving distance and decreasing the aerodynamic drag. To benefit the most from their qualities, all you have to do is to aim and fire; being top-rated pieces of golf gear, the G30 LS Tec drivers are hugely helpful when it comes to off center hits, i.e. if you’ll hit with anything else than the center of the club’s face, you won’t miss too much.

    Basically, these drivers are the nec plus ultra of the Ping G30 line; and since the G30 line is arguably the best in golf, the LS Tec made an already spectacular driver longer and better in any way! I think the G30 to be the best all-round line of driver in golf due to their unique abilities, their unprecedented combo of forgiveness and distance. This low spinning version unveiled by Ping is a truly impressive piece of golf gear and they’ve made it even better, i.e. the difference of about 400 RPMs vs the regular G30; this translates into carry distance. What does that mean exactly? Well, after playing a few rounds with the LS Tec, I can tell you that these babies, compared to the regular G30, are more forgiving, being able to keep the ball speeds high and the ball to stay in play on toe and heel shots, thanks to their huge moment of inertia. Bottom line, if you want the best for the best, the Ping G30 LS Tec should be your new drivers, if you require low spin, forgiveness and a little bit of help with a slice.