Ping G SF Tec Driver Review
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    The Ping G SF Tec Driver has a fancy name and it retails for $400 (MSRP), falling into the max game improvement category. What makes it different from the standard G is the fact that it provides 9 yards more fade correction, being a big banger for many golfers, being excellent for moderate swing speeds due to its higher spin numbers. Long story short, the Ping G SF Tec Driver comes with all the high tech technologies of the G driver, but additionally it provides lots of help for the slicer. If you were wondering how it works, well, the R&D team from Ping designed a center of gravity which is slightly shifted compared to the standard G, thus helping longlife slicers with producing a draw.

    Basically, the 2016 Ping G SF Tec Driver is more draw biased and faster than ever before, boasting just like its kin a big round footprint and an elegant matte-black crown enhanced with Dragonfly and Turbulators technology. What makes it unique though can be observed by flipping it over, i.e. a block of weight toward the heel, a neat trick which helps moving the ball right to left. In terms of performance, the Ping G SF Tec Driver can be described as a stellar slice buster, a certified hero in terms of speed and forgiveness, which will help slicers hit straighter, longer shots than ever before. If you’re looking for a driver packed full with state of the art technologies and incredibly forgiving, the Ping G SF Tec Driver is a must try .