Ping G LS Tec Driver Review
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    The Ping G LS Tec falls into the better-player drivers category and it retails for $400 (MSRP). To describe it succinctly, just think about the G30 on steroids and you’ll get a pretty good picture about the G LS Tec. This baby is arguably one of the biggest hitters in its category, launching shots that will stay up in the air forever and maintaining distance like no other, even if it comes to mishits. However, after playing a few rounds with the Ping G LS Tec, I must confess that its greatest strength is its remarkable forgiveness, here this driver absolutely shines, being ahead of almost any other in its class, due to its gigantic amount of playable real estate. I mean the clubface is so big that it’s incredibly easy to hit. Also, the big face will signal you very accurately if you’ve hit it proper and solid, as the ball will literally explode off the club’s face like a rocket of sorts.

    I must note that while the Ping G LS Tec Driver offers basically the same excellent forgiveness as its G brethren, it makes for the perfect option for high spin golfers, as it comes with measurably lower spin which maximizes distance. At address, the Ping G LS Tec Driver is virtually identical with the G Driver. You’ll notice the Dragonfly and the Turbulators technology on the crown and the same large-round footprint. Bottom line, if you’re a high spin player looking to get the most out of your golf game, the Ping G LS Tec Driver will make you happy. The adjustable hosel will let you fine tune it to perfection, in order to dial up your desired shot and the classy black matte finish which basically makes the sizeable head to look smaller inspires tons of confidence at address. This baby is arguably one of the top drivers ever tested by yours truly and it’s ideally suited for golfers who require a lower spinning head, without sacrificing forgiveness in the process.