Ping G Driver Review
    © Ping Golf

    The Ping G Driver falls into the game improvement category and it retails for $400 (MSRP). The new generation benefits from an improved aerodynamic design which dramatically reduces drag during your swings by a flabbergasting 37% vs the G30. The Ping G Driver was a success story since its inception in 2004, being a top selling product for more than a decade, and with good reason I might add, as this baby combines perfectly a great looking package of sorts with a forgiving performance head, which is rather unusual.

    This is the sixth iteration of the Ping G Driver, whilst the previous G30 was the first to feature the Turbulators, Ping’s proprietary technology on the crown of the club which works by disrupting airflow over the club’s head in order to improve its aerodynamicity. The Ping G Driver comes with a brand new design, inspired by biomimicry, i.e. Ping’s R&D department analyzed the intricate wing patterns of the dragonfly and they ended up with an ultra thin crown section for extreme center of gravity and maximized moment of inertia in the G Driver. Long story short, this new generation is faster than the G30 and more forgiving, making for arguably the best driver in the industry. The Turbulators are still there, but what’s new is the aforementioned Dragonfly technology, which mirrors a dragonfly’s wing structure. The combo between the expertly crafted shape and the large size of the G driver will appeal to golfers at all levels. Truth be told, the Ping G Driver is better than the G30 in every way, being faster, more forgiving, more stable, with high launch and low spin, i.e. the best driver out there. The only question that remains unanswered is that if the Ping G Driver was inspired by dragonflies and eighteen wheelers, what will be the source of inspiration for Ping’s next upgrade in terms of forgiveness and speed? Maybe a super-hero?