Nike VAPOR FLY Pro Driver Review

    The Nike VAPOR FLY Pro Driver features a Tour preferred shape, being designed and built for the ultimate distance and forgiveness in one single package. Also, the Fly Pro Driver comes with a state of the art RZN enhanced built, which works by pushing the weight lower for longer and higher approach shots. To describe the Nike VAPOR FLY Pro in just a few words, I'd say that it's a bold statement from Nike's golf division, being a vibrant and modern piece of golf gear which goes far beyond traditional. In terms of looks, the Nike VAPOR FLY Pro really makes a statement with its bold appearance, being very difficult to miss its neon yellow/bright blue head from afar.

    At a closer look, you'll discover fine details which will definitely appeal fashion conscious golfers and perfectionists, like the slicks and sexy touches in the form of a weave pattern on the crown. Another thing worth mentioning about the Nike VAPOR FLY Pro driver is its beautiful pear shape, being one of the best in the industry, design wise. Also, I was extremely impressed with, how should I put it, how cool this baby looks at address and in your hand. Drop of the hat to Nike folks, they did a tremendous job in boosting confidence and coolness factor. In terms of sound and feel, the Nike VAPOR FLY Pro driver is very solid and firm, thanks to the FlyBeam structure that makes the head more solid and stable upon ball impact, by absorbing energy from high speed contact via compression. The face is also very responsive, but it lacks that explosive feel, letting you know exactly how and where you hit, shot after shot, round after round. In terms of performance, this baby is definitely aimed at high swing speed players, as they're about to get the most from the Nike VAPOR FLY Pro. Also, this driver is a true spin killer, letting you control the ball like never before and delivering a super solid feel all day long.