Nike VAPOR FLY Driver Review

    The Nike VAPOR FLY Driver retails for $350 (MSRP) and it comes with a sole reinforced back, which is combined with a flexible channel next to the face for boosting ball speeds and promoting distance. Basically, the Nike VAPOR FLY Driver is designed for maximum launch, featuring a symmetrical C shaped head, and compared to the previous generation, I must mention the ultra thin/light crown which works by relocating weight down-low in the head, promoting longer shots with less spin and a higher launch, for maximum yardage. Also, the weight is spread to the heel and toe via the cleverly designed covert cavity back, for increasing forgiveness.

    The new FlyBeam structure improves the overall stability of the body and adds to flexibility in the face. In terms of distance, the Nike VAPOR FLY Driver is one of the longest drivers I've tried recently, with amazing carry and roll. Long story short, the ball flies through the air like it's self-propelled, a feature that will work wonders in terms of boosting confidence on the golf course, especially when it comes to carry hazards. The new and lower center of gravity (CG) is designed for promoting high launching shots and excellent carry for the every day golfer and the Nike VAPOR FLY Driver's updated sole design increases ball speeds. Even the shots struck low on the face are comparable to sweet-spot strikes, thanks to the updated channel walls, which are now 25% thinner, while the reinforced back of the sole is way more rigid than the compression channel. The familiar cavity back design is aimed at boosting stability,and the vast adjustability options of the Nike VAPOR FLY Driver will help you to fine-tune spin and launch better than ever before. Bottom line, if you're seeking for a long and reliable driver, which suits a wide range of players, the Nike VAPOR FLY Driver is an excellent option, being the missing link between a game improvement and a Max model.