Nike Vapor Flex Drivers Review

    The Nike Vapor Flex is the company’s “adjustability wonder-kid”, being the one which offers the most fine-tuning options in Nike’s portfolio in 2015. Falling into the category of better player drivers, the Vapor Flex retails for a hefty $499 price tag and is also one of the prettiest looking pieces of golf gear I’ve seen this year so far. Its main characteristics are a smaller head and the perfect ability to help you achieve your preferred ball trajectory, making it an excellent choice for better players. The Vapor Flex is the only driver that’s loaded with Nike’s latest Flex Flight technology, and that’s normal for a piece of golf gear aimed at better players. This gizmo allows you to move the driver’s center of gravity backward or forward, permitting you to fine-tune the ball flight.

    The first time I laid my eyes upon the Nike Vapor Flex, I felt deep inside that it really looks like a player’s driver, and after I hit a few shots with it, I was convinced that I was right; it was love at first sight basically. If you’re that kind of old-school golf player, you’ll absolutely enjoy the dull, muted sound at ball impact, which is very conservative and pleasing to the ear; in addition to that, the Nike Vapor Flex provides you with crystal clear feedback, i.e. pure shots feel awesome while mishits are pinpointed with perfect accuracy. The Flex Flight technology used by Nike works like a dream, making a big impact in your game by boosting confidence and allowing you to change the feel of the driver and also the center of gravity, to suit your every need, helping with adding distance and a higher launch. Bottom line, the Nike Vapor Flex is an excellent choice for better players, being a very low spin driver, offering tons of adjustability, great performance and more than adequate forgiveness.