Mizuno JPX-850 Drivers Review

    The Mizuno JPX-850 falls into the category of game improvement drivers and it retails for $399, featuring a graphite Quick-Shift shaft (Fujikura Orichi). What’s special about the JPX-850, I mean the key technology incorporated into its built is a pair of 8 gram weights that can be moved around (on the lateral slots or in the central sliding rail) in order to produce ten different ball flight settings. Basically, the company went all-in adjustability wise with this driver, and they did an amazing job in my view, creating the ultimate golf gear in terms of adjustability/fine tuning. The head is built from titanium and has 440cc, using a proprietary technology (Rebound Crown) in order to increase ball speeds and to deliver more distance. The sliding weighs are Mizuno’s signature, i.e. a system called Fast Track introduced way back in 2007, and in the JPX-850 this gizmo helps a lot with achieving unmatched yardage and helping with your swing technique.

    Using this baby you’ll be able to dial in perfect shots, by customizing launch and spin to fit with your style in perfect harmony. This is a more than adequate middle-of-the-pack driver, with an impressive feel upon ball impact, with excellent accuracy, well weighted, with a thick and percussive feel and a stable head. In terms of playability, the JPX-850 driver can be described as a tinkerer’s wet dream, allowing you to set up the head in any way imaginable and you’ll see the results instantly. As per design, the Mizuno JPX-850 driver is maybe the best looking in its price bracket, with a compact profile which is very hittable and a stylish look. If you prize feel over power and you need an awesomely looking driver for boosting your confidence levels, not to mention the innovative adjustability options, you’ve just met your better half!