Cobra King LTD, F6 and F6+ Drivers Review

    The Cobra King LTD are the company's lowest center of gravity (CG) drivers, and the F6 and the F6+ are boasting their high levels of adjustability, which are among the best in their class. Featuring a high-tech (even sci-fi) look and a very interesting and “nouveaux” design, the Cobra King LTD F6 and F6+ drivers boast with the latest and the greatest technologies incorporated into their built. The F6+ is Cobra King's most adjustable driver they've ever created, featuring optimized spin, launch and ball flight, courtesy of the driver's 5 different center of gravity settings. For example, if you desire more roll and a penetrating ball flight, you can choose a front center of gravity position. If you require a higher-towering ball flight trajectory and increased forgiveness, you should go for a back center of gravity position. Basically, everything is put in place in the Cobra King LTD F6 and F6+ for delivering the optimum speed and carry distance for your swing. The latest CarbonTrac technology is Cobra King LTD's new/next level weight system, that uses an adjustable 18 grams weight positioned along the sole of the club in order to optimize the center of gravity setting.

    Thus, you'll benefit from tons of adjustability in terms of spin, launch and forgiveness in 5 totally different settings (front to back), which translates into maximizing distance for your game. Both drivers benefit from the Speed Channel, which is claimed to be an exclusive Cobra technology (as in innovation), with a specially designed channel which goes all around the perimeter of the club's face, increasing ball speed on shots across the face for improved distance, and minimizing thickness. The face is built from a Titanium alloy and it features Cobra's E9 face zoning gizmo, which delivers a larger sweet spot and more deflection upon ball impact, together with promoting faster ball speeds shot after shot. The loft of the Cobra King LTD F6 and F6+ has 8 settings, very easy to adjust, for fine tuning your launch and manage the ball trajectory, thanks to the MYFLY with SMARTPAD technology. The F6 is the most forgiving of the bunch, being also fully adjustable with center of gravity tuning, representing the ultimate driver in terms of distance control.