widen stance add power address

    The average drive on the PGA Tour is about 291 yards – 12 yards longer than the 2002 average. Their talent and skill allow pros to take full advantage of recent equipment advances – and you can, too, by emulating their technique.

    One secret to the pros’ long-driving success is their angle of attack. Where as most amateurs hit the ball with the driver travelling slightly downward, the average pro’s club is on a two-degree upswing at impact. That maximizes loft while minimizing backspin.

    The key to an upward approach is the setup. Make these adjustments to yours:

    • Assume a wider-than-normal stance, with the insides of your feet shoulder-width apart.

    • Place the ball opposite your left heel. Your head should be behind the ball at address.

    • About 60 percent of your weight should favor the right side (for right-handers). This will cause your shoulders to tilt slightly right, creating that upward attack angle.

    Also, tee the ball high enough to accommodate the club’s upward path. At least half the ball should be above the top line of the clubface.

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