Callaway XR Drivers Review
    © Callaway Golf

    The Callaway XR falls into the category of max game improvement drivers and it retails for $349. Since this is a niche which appeals to most golfers (the game improvement that is), I took the XR for a test-drive and I found the following: if you’re on the prowl for a light weight, forgiving and speed increasing piece of golf gear promoting a draw, this is the droid you were looking for! (I am a big Star Wars fan, yes). Now, every golf aficionado knows that the Big Bertha line of Callaway drivers represents the flagship of the company while the XR can be described as the workhorse. However, being the workhorse comes with obvious advantages for the customers, i.e. these drivers are playing in the “best bang for the buck” category. What I am trying to tell you is that the XR Drivers are mid-level priced yet they’re perfectly capable of delivering loads of forgiveness, speed and distance, with an emphasis on speed, without compromising (good) looks. These babies are available in an eye pleasing rounded shape featuring a flashy Speed Step Crown logo in a matte black finish. With the “design” base covered, let’s see about performance. To put it simply, the XR drivers are equipped with a feather light shaft (of Project X LZ origin) which promotes speed and control, an aerodynamically shaped head, a lightning fast R-MOTO face and the Speed Step Crown, aimed at providing you with consistent center face contact during your swings.

    In terms of accuracy, the XR driver works wonders at reducing sidespin and thanks to its ample sweet spot,it promotes excellent results across the face. Playing with the latest Callaway XR Driver, you’ll be able to enjoy a powerful golfing experience, consistent long shots, a reliable/repeatable medium-trajectory for the ball and loads of forgiveness. Bottom line, the Callaway XR driver is a solid offer for a wide range of golf players looking to improve their game, which has enough adjustability and playability to allow you to use it in the most effective manner. Being built for, let me quote Callaway, “outrageous speeds” and featuring a racing inspired graphic design, I bet that somebody up there (in the design department) in Callaway’s offices is a big BMW M aficionado.