Callaway XR Pro Drivers Review
    © Callaway Golf

    The Callaway XR Pro falls into the category of better player drivers, hence the Pro particle, and it retails for $399. If I’d have to synthesize the XR Pro’s characteristics in just a few words, the words would be “the need for speed”, i.e. these drivers were built with an emphasis on speed. In order to achieve the NFS goal, Callaway incorporated their latest and greatest technologies into these drivers, and I must make a special mention about the forged crown made from composite materials and the feather light face, which is aimed at lowering spin rates. Now, just like the “basic” XR driver, the Pro version being built for speed, it comes with an optimized design for promoting lower spin upon ball impact and a head shape which will lure the low-handicap range of golf players. In order to minimize spin and also to lower the CG (center of gravity), the weight from the crown was relocated where it was needed the most, in the club, courtesy of Callaway’s proprietary technology Forged Composite. This smartly designed crown works in tandem with the RMOTO face in order to keep an “as high as possible” ball speed across the face during the swings, and in the same time for offering the required amounts of forgiveness you’d expect from a low-spin driver. Callaway also improved the head design, which is now more aerodynamic, and thus it optimizes the driver’s speed through the air during your swings, contributing to achieving more distance/consistent shots round after round.

    Also, the Rib Technology on the RMOTO face increases ball speeds even further and makes for a more efficient energy transfer upon ball impact. All these features make for a driver focused on maximizing speed and distance from all sorts of lies. The XR Pro comes with an OptiFithosel, a feature that offers you 8 different options for fine tuning your driver (lie and loft), in order to make sure that you’ll benefit from the optimum launch conditions in any situation imaginable. Bottom line, the Callaway XR Pro driver comes with tons of speed, distance, consistency and forgiveness in an attractive package and at an affordable price, a great sound upon ball impact and plenty of feedback.