Callaway Rogue Sub Zero Driver Review
© Callaway Golf

The Callaway Rogue Sub Zero Driver retails for $499 (MSRP) and it combines the company’s proprietary X Face VTF and Jailbreak technologies to promote long distance and high ball speed. Callaway added into the mix their Triaxial Carbon Crown for increasing the moment of inertia (MOI) and achieving lower spin. The Rogue Sub Zero driver now boasts the largest carbon-composite surface ever seen in a Sub Zero model. Callaway used a very light and strong composition in order to save weight, that’s now redistributed to align the center of gravity (CG) with the neutral axis in order to lower spin and also to increase the moment of inertia. The new Rogue Sub Zero driver comes with two interchangeable weights for trajectory control and increased spin. Using the 2-gram and 14-gram weights, you can adjust launch angle and spin rate.

The 14-gram weight put in backfor will promote an increased moment of inertia and a higher launch; if you put it up front, you’ll benefit from lower spin. The Rogue Sub Zero also boasts Callaway’s proprietary Speed Step technology, developed with Boeing, in order to improve air flow and to promote faster head speed. Basically, the Callaway Sub Zero driver was created for faster swingers with a steeper angle of attack, being lower spinning compared to the regular Rogue driver, yet still incredibly forgiving, thanks to Callaway’s Jailbreak technology. Bottom line, the Rogue Sub Zero makes for a Tour level driver designed to appeal Tour professionals, powerful and very low spinning, everything packaged in a high moment of inertia shape. However, this baby is extremely easy to hit and forgiving, hence even if you’re not a Tour-pro, you’d love to take it out for a test drive.