Callaway Rogue Driver Plus Rogue Draw Review
© Callaway Golf

The latest Callaway Rogue drivers 2018, both the regular and the Draw retail for $499 MSRP and they’re even better than the already impressive Epic drivers, which were very successful back in 2017. The new Rogue drivers boast redesigned Jailbreak titanium-made bars, that are now built to be more hourglass in shape. Their new design makes them 25 percent lighter, yet the body of the clubhead is now stiffer than before, which is quite remarkable by any metrics. Also, the face is more flexible on a wider area compared to the previous generation. Both the standard Rogue Driver and the Draw boast the company’s proprietary X Face variable-thickness technology, which works in tandem with Jailbreak and a lower center of gravity, thus helping you achieve the ultimate distance with no compromise. The brand new Speed Step crown design has now less emphasis on visual appearance, yet it increases club speed by reducing aerodynamic drag.

The moment of inertia (MOI) in the new Rogue drivers is higher compared to the previous generation. The philosophy behind designing the new Rogue generation is to optimize ball speed and to maximize forgiveness. The company’s main goal was to create a new generation which is capable to surpass the Epic drivers, and they managed to do it, as the Rogue is (at least) marginally better than the Epic in terms of ball speed and forgiveness. At address, the Rogue Driver is significantly stretched back compared to the previous generation and the Speed Step crown has been designed to be thinner, hence less visually appealing/imposing. There’s also a brand new teal color scheme. The Rogue drivers are now having a more solid/firmer feel than the Epic and they’re also more powerful. Bottom line, the Rogue drivers, both the Draw and the standard feel more solid, more stable and better at transferring energy from club to ball, and they’re also slightly more forgiving, making for an incremental improvement to an already great generation of drivers. The main difference between the Callaway standard and the Draw is the latter’s draw promoting qualities, as the company claims the Draw has 7 yards more draw bias compared to the Epic.